Get a portfolio site that helps land you a job

Profiled generates a beautiful, organized portfolio from the info in your GitHub account in seconds, so that you can spend your time building projects and prepping for interviews.

Highlight your best work to employers

Many employers will ask for links to your GitHub profile or to see examples of projects that you've completed. With Profiled, you can satisfy this requirement in a way that clearly communicates your skills, much better than a GitHub profile alone would.

Control the structure, look and feel

The Profiled editor allows you to add a variety of information about yourself and your projects as well as giving you the ability to change fonts, colours and backgrounds for each template.

Show off code in private repos

Sometimes your best work is in private repositories that you would prefer not to open up to others. With Profiled you can highlight certain files from your private (or public) repos without having to grant full access.

Code Examples

Made for all kinds of devs

Portfolio sites are often geared towards frontend web developers and designers, but they can be useful for any type of developer to show off their work, and Profiled lets you explain your projects and code even if you don't have visuals to match.

Easy hosting and exporting

All it takes is a few clicks to export your site or publish it to the web, either on a profiled subdomain or a custom domain.

Code Examples

Pays for itself by your first paycheck


  • Generate a portfolio from your GitHub account
  • Change colours and fonts to get the look you want
  • Publish your live portfolio to a subdomain at


$20/ one time

  • All the markup and design features of the free plan
  • Export the HTML, CSS and JS for your site in a .zip file
  • After exporting, you are free to host your site wherever you want


$6/ per month

  • All the markup and design features of the free plan
  • Publish your portfolio to a custom domain as a static site
  • Ongoing feature updates and customer support
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